"My favorite pastime is letting time pass, having the time, taking my time, wasting my time, living out of time- against the current. " -Francoise Sagan

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My Christmas was delightful... more or less.
Our Christmas tree died prematurely unfortunately, due to improper trunk trimming. We left it up because it's radiant and glows- well, at least the little lights on it do. We had a great Christmas meal, and over the weekend we went to Grass Valley, and Crush 29. It was nice to be with my brothers and sisters and we had good time, laughing and playing games!
Next year we will be spending Christmas in Atlanta and maybe it'll be a white one!

For New Years Nathanael and I decided not to make resolutions that are personal, because most resolutions people make are things they should think about daily, and do daily throughout their entire lives... the New Year resolutions, I've found, are little traps that set people up for disappointment. Now, I'm not saying that for some people New Year Resolutions don't lead to a lifestyle change, but my guess is that for the majority, it is not.

So we decided to make a resolution about the places we most want to visit in 2009. Making these resolutions based upon the idea that our financial situation stays mostly the same (however we pray that it does not stay the same!) throughout the next coming year. This is our list tentatively:
  • Fort Bragg, Ca
  • Lake Tahoe, Ca
  • Sonoma, Ca
  • Yosemite, Ca
  • Santa Cruz, Ca
  • Monterey Bay/Carmel, Ca
  • Cambria, Ca
  • Palm Springs, Ca
  • San Diego, Ca
This list isn't based on places we haven't been to yet, because I've been to every single one of those places, and Nathanael has probably been to half that are listed. It is a list of the places we'd like to re-visit MOST. I think we can do it, because (luckily) most of those places are day trips... however, some we'd have to make a two day holiday or more out of it. Also, I made a list of all the places we've been in 2008 and it's A LOT of places- I was surprised!

We hope that we can take some of these trips with some family, but if not that's okay too...

And of course, I hope to love my God more fervently in this coming year as I hope to do more so everyday... and that I come closer to being the woman of virtue that God wants me to be. My prayer for all my loved ones is that they may keep themselves in the will of the Lord and that He may bless them with health and spiritual prosperity!

Salute and Happy 2009!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fancy Sugar Pants (Corduroys)

I found the perfect pair of pants! They are by J.Crew and I am in love with Stretch vintage matchstick cord. Last year I bought two pairs of the stretch vintage bootcut cord, and they were comfortable, but no where near as versatile as the matchstick! I wear them with my light tan boots, and under my black boots, and Uggs (no not the typical Uggs, I have lace ups that are quite sweet) and with my flats, and even with converse! My favorite is rolling them up a little and wearing them with my strappy oxfords... so beautiful!

I hate wearing jeans, or really anything other than juicy pants or sweats while traveling, but I actually wore these cords on an eight hour car ride back home from San Diego, all while being sick. That's how comfy they are!
J.Crew is always generous to those us who need more length in the leg, so if you are tall, don't fear to order them in size Tall.

When I first ordered the matchstick, I ordered the green pair... but they sold out so quickly! So then I got the deep indigo, and I'm really so glad I did, they are a beautiful color and goes with everything! Green could have been tricky when it came to the browns. The bootcut come in a really beautiful aubergine color, that I wish the matchstick came in, but alas!

So I guess another pair of these are on my wish list, they are on sale too!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Enchanted Forest

That is the theme of our Christmas tree, this year and last. We have a bejeweled star on top that doubles as a snowflake and something else. The jewels are topaz... we also have little jewels hanging all over the tree, that are also topaz. Little red birds with sparkly red chests (typing out breasts didn't sound so good for some reason). Different ornaments ranging in size, that are matte and shiny in dark purple, copper, red and magenta. Little fairies tucked away in dark gold and purple. I really like it.

Next year however we will have to something more masculine, like blue. More blue says Nathanael. I am already planning on it. We will still use our bejeweled star/snowflake, the copper and gold ornaments, only we'll add blues- from teal to icy blue to dark and bright blue. It'll be beautiful. I just finished this tree, and I'm already thinking of the next one! I'll post pictures up some time this month.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Perfect Eye

I guess I'll start with the classic cat eye...
Lately, I've seen so many people try to pull off the 'Lauren Conrad' unsuccessfully. Their lids are squiggly and sometimes one eyelid is lined thicker than the other.
First off, I suggest you buy a wet liner that is cheap until you get the cat eye down. Second get a black pencil eye liner. Line your eye (in normal thickness) with the pencil- then use the liquid liner... the pencil mark helps hold onto the liquid and will give you a more steady line.

Also, do not use the tip of the liquid liner, used the side- if you've taken a drawing class, try to remember how the teacher told you to hold your pencil at an angle... that is the same angle you should apply ALL liners to your eyes. And it allows for more stealth in motion and less pressure to the eye.

Speaking of eyeliners... Don't be afraid of color! Yes, I own over 13 colors... and some are ridiculous! But that's not what I'm referring to- ridiculous colors. I mean aubergine, plum, dark teal, navy, violet, dark orange brown. These really soften your eyes and can do wonders in bringing out your eye color! It's all about the color wheel. Complimentary colors... Purple to Yellow, Green to Red, and Orange to Blue. Brown is a neutral made of two complimentary colors... so some people's eyes are more towards green, or yellow- brown eyes sometimes lean towards on specific color of the two complimentary.
  • Green eyes, would look great with dark burgundy or plum eye liners... make sure it's not too reddish cause they might make you look ill.
  • Blue eyes, work great with warm violets and plum towards purple.
  • Brown eyes, depends on which way your leaning, if you have golden eyes- go for violets and purples. If you have greenish brown then lean towards plumy colors.
  • Black eyes, or DARK brown... Never wear bright /dark navy or green. You might think it works, but it doesn't!
I know some grocery store make-up brands came up with a whole line of eye cosmetics for each eye color. It got me mad! Why would you layer blue eyes, with more blue. That's cute sometimes but for an every day look, that you'd want to brightens your color, it would not work. Fail.

I generally wear a plum (I have different make up brands version on the color, but my favorite is Nars) on my top lid and corner of my bottom lid, daily. When I go out and I put on a black liner or darker color, it really helps in dramatic contrast. Since I don't usually wear dark liner, the difference if noticeable!

Also, Sephora has great deals on Sephora Brand cosmetics... on my bottom lid I sometimes use a pale pink Sephora eyeliner, to open up my eyes- or sometimes a periwinkle to make eyes look more green. (I have gray eyes, and the color is easily manipulated by what is reflecting. A cloudy day means light gray, and a sunny day means teal.) I read this in an InStyle Magazine as well, so what I'm saying is backed up by InStyle- but I've been doing it for years... Not to toot my own horn, but I've never needed a lessen in make-up, and whatever I have read in Mags, encourages what I've been doing. ;)

>> The models in lid are lined with white, however I feel that's too dramatic for every day people (ie. those of us who are not in a photo shoot!), that's why I opt for a pale pink/peach. It wakes up your face!

My FAVORITE make-up must have is benefits Moon Beam and High Light... They are great for everything and anything. I always use them as base coats to eyeshadow, and it really boosts translucent colors. I also dab it on my cheeks if I'm sun kissed or with blush, and wear it bare on my lips and brow bone, with a little eyeliner. They also have a stain that comes in the same type of bottle as pictured left, I use that on my cheeks... and could be used on lips- however that doesn't look to hot on me!

And remember a good brow shape not only frames your eyes, but your whole face! Don't arch them out too much, and don't pluck them in from your nose too far. Follow they're natrual shape!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"All the ducks are swimming in the water..."

One finned Koi at Balboa

We're back home and I have a cold! This always happens... the around-Christmas-time-cold never fails! However we are so glad we took the trip down! I love La Jolla because you can walk everywhere, and because while you walk you see such beautiful things, cute houses, wild flowers, the ocean, and... BANANAS!

Bananas on Pearl Street

This time we visited a whole bunch of new places that we didn't make it to last time. Including: Balboa Park, Windansea Beach, Del Mar and Mount Soledad. We met up with Eunice and Andrew, as well as Jeremy and Laura and Diana too... fun!

Balboa Park
Del Mar

Windansea Beach

Dana Point, Eunice & Andrew

RJ's Cafe, Diana
The Cottage, Jeremy & Laura

One day around noon, Emma and I decided to go walking around The Cove and then go shopping, so she could take advantage of my retail employee discount. While shopping, we stopped into a Borders & Books and got some hot drinks. I ordered a small Cocoa Trio and boy did I regret it!!!! I should have went with the large!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I make a mean cup of Cocoa but this was really top shelf. They topped off my cocoa with whip cream, shaved white chocolate, a stick (about the size of a KitKat) of Belgium chocolate and then added some fudge syrup! I mixed it all up and it was gorgeous! I have been hooked since. Give it a try.
I am enjoying some as I type.

Minus the Belgium bar of chocolate

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lovely La Jolla

I- on chance got Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday off from work, and we thought with gas prices being so low... why not head down to San Diego!? So we did! Filling up my Civic's gas tank was only $17, and after I got off of work on Tuesday we drove on down! It is soooo nice here! I do love the fog and chill we have in NorCal, and I know that San Diego was having some fog, but today it was clear and mid 70's! We walked over to Froglander's ( a yogurt place in La Jolla) at around eight pm and I didn't even need a sweater! I love La Jolla because it's like I'm in a different country! What I mean is, yes, it is very Californian- but it also is very European-ish. Well, that's just my feeling!

I feel blessed that we are able to take little holidays down, and that Em & Raz are so welcoming and fun! Plus we get see other family and friends whenever we come down too. It's really special that Nathanael and I get to come down here... and we are grateful!