"My favorite pastime is letting time pass, having the time, taking my time, wasting my time, living out of time- against the current. " -Francoise Sagan

Friday, July 3, 2009

The 4th- My Favorite

Honestly, the 4th is my favorite holiday! I know I haven't updated in awhile, but in honor of my most favorite day, I thought I would.
Lots of things have been happening!

He is due November 9th, but we'll see if he'll feel like he should be coming on that day or not. We are stoked!
We're spending the long weekend in San Diego and so far it's been fantastic!
This month has a lot in store for us and we are so excited! Next week we'll be in Florida for our 'Babymoon' and then my birthday, the week after that is my baby shower, which I'm sure will be fantastic because my sister Emma is planning it in a big way!
AND- we are moving into a new place right by the American River this Monday!

There's the update, and it won't be the last!

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