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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's all about the colors

When it comes to my home, I like clean design. Crips bright colors, and warm, comfortable furniture. I like very interesting and unique details and nothing too 'themed'. Unfortunately, I don't have all the money in the world, but if I did I'd hire Katie Ridder to help me design the interior of my home.

Last year in a waiting room I came across some Town & Country magazine and it featured a design artist and her parents' home in Pebble Beach, California, which she and her husband, a famed architect, re-designed. If you know me, just the mention of Pebble Beach (or any quaint city in Monterey County) had my interested peaked. Also, the outfits the family and of the artist pictured were easy and classic. But *colorful*. (Side note- I am most impressed by someone when they can incorporate color into their outfits in surprising ways, and still be classic, and not too trendy or too loud.) So as I turned the page my eyes almost jumped out of their sockets, because I saw the home I've always wanted that was in my head somewhere, right out in front of me on the magazine page! You know I totally ripped out that article! The designer was Katie Ridder!

We don't have a scanner but I did what I could with our Nikon. The pages torn out have survived a move or two, so please disregard the wrinkles and badly torn edges. I absolutely love ALMOST everything about the decor... It's very Katie and I'd like it more Gabita, and one day my home will be all Gabita, but you will never see that. So feast your eyes on these badly kept magazine pages I've photographed. Ha!

Absolutely love the colors and their placement

Why yes I'd love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thankyouverymuch.

I'd love to have this exact room in my home. Minus that lamp.

The patterns are matched with such high level of taste

Very subtle color usage. Loves.

And here are some more Katie Ridder that I love because of.... the color! Of course, she uses purples in such a brave way, and plays around with complementaries and tertiaries in such a way that is sure to ignite trend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Darling little rings

There's something so special about a little ring, with a little sparkle, that's a little imperfect. Satomi Kawakita Jewelry is just that. And I absolutely love the stacking affect most of the rings have! Talk about creativity!

all images via www.satomikawakita.com

Totally darling, right?

Friday, October 22, 2010

One Year, No Way.

A. X. C. at 6 weeks

A. X. C. at 6 weeks

In those first few weeks (and months) of having a baby, it feels as if time is standing still. At least to me it did, I knew that time was going by- I could see it in my baby's changing features and the fact that he was outgrowing his clothes- but the lack of sleep made everything seem so slow. Like the time when he'd sleep through the night was just too far off, unimaginably so.

Here we are almost a year later and he sleeps through the night (usually a solid 12-13 hours) he eats most things on his own, he crawls and is starting to walk little by little, he knows what 'No' means- and choses to disobey, he smiles on command, fake laughs, mimics my intonation, he slaps my palm when I say 'give me five', and he also fake cries... which I can't help but laugh at every time, and then he does too, and a myriad of other adorable and smart things.

Starting with this Saturday 'til the first Saturday in November, we are attending birthday parties for babies turning 1. Anthony's being that last of the three in a row, on November 6th.
By then, we have to finish the remodel on our guest bathroom and bedroom, and I have to.... cut... his... heavenly... sweet... soft... baby hair. The latter of the things needing to be done will no doubt be the toughest. But it needs to be done, his bangs are in his eyes, and the back of his hair is growing at a faster rate than all his other hair making it look like he has a little mullet going on.
Love it. Love him.

A. X. C. at 11 months