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Monday, August 9, 2010

Art for an Hour & Food for More

I was so impressed when I learned about Jim Denevan and his innovative work. He choses sand, earth and ice for his canvas. He travels the world to draw on her surface, only for it to be eventually erased by wind or waves.

Not only is he an artist, he is the founder and organizer of something so wonderful called "Outstanding in the Field". INGENIOUS, really! Outstanding in the Field is a way to reconnect food to it's roots and diners to it too. They set up a tables in the middle of fields, farms, forests, on top of hills and cliffs and the meal is prepared by famous regional chefs (even Curtis Stone, ah!) with food from that region.

I looked up dates for NorCal but unfortunately this year it's almost all sold out here, however not all states are booked so if you're interested there is still time!

Pemberton, BC

Petaluma, CA

Half Moon Bay, CA

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