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Friday, October 22, 2010

One Year, No Way.

A. X. C. at 6 weeks

A. X. C. at 6 weeks

In those first few weeks (and months) of having a baby, it feels as if time is standing still. At least to me it did, I knew that time was going by- I could see it in my baby's changing features and the fact that he was outgrowing his clothes- but the lack of sleep made everything seem so slow. Like the time when he'd sleep through the night was just too far off, unimaginably so.

Here we are almost a year later and he sleeps through the night (usually a solid 12-13 hours) he eats most things on his own, he crawls and is starting to walk little by little, he knows what 'No' means- and choses to disobey, he smiles on command, fake laughs, mimics my intonation, he slaps my palm when I say 'give me five', and he also fake cries... which I can't help but laugh at every time, and then he does too, and a myriad of other adorable and smart things.

Starting with this Saturday 'til the first Saturday in November, we are attending birthday parties for babies turning 1. Anthony's being that last of the three in a row, on November 6th.
By then, we have to finish the remodel on our guest bathroom and bedroom, and I have to.... cut... his... heavenly... sweet... soft... baby hair. The latter of the things needing to be done will no doubt be the toughest. But it needs to be done, his bangs are in his eyes, and the back of his hair is growing at a faster rate than all his other hair making it look like he has a little mullet going on.
Love it. Love him.

A. X. C. at 11 months


martienn said...

amazing ;)

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Diana said...

how sweet that even through sleepless nights, stubborn "no's", and adorable mullets, you love him oh-so very much and find it absolutely endearing. True testament to a great mommy! :)