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Sunday, October 19, 2008

New & Improved!

After deleting my blog for a little maintenance I am happy to announce we're back in business baby! With some help from Scrapblog I was able to create the new header! What do you all think?

We went to Hawaii about three weeks back and loved it. We spent time on three different islands, Oahu (not so impressive), Hawaii (very very interesting) and Kauai (a REAL treat! It's not nicknamed the 'Garden Isle' for nothing!)... I will be posting a few pics in the next coming weeks!

Welcome back!


diana said...


diana said...

hey gabs!
you go to customize. then layout. then on the right somewhere it should say add a gadget. and if there isn't a gadget already that says "my blog list" then you need to add it...and then just go from there! :)

Emma said...

Gaby, I'm glad your blog is back and I love the new header! :)