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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Update

So I had a baby. He is wonderful. The labor was relatively easy, so they tell me. I had the baby within 12 hours, and I only pushed for about 20 mins. Pretty good if you ask me. I love love love him! From day one he was alert and expressive. He would stay up for hours, and just look around to see all that he could see. His eyes would search my face so very inquisitively. He is a big boy, only 6 months and 30 inches long. He waves, sits up and insists on drinking out of a sippy cup. He kisses and hugs me all the time. He likes to scratch things, I sometimes think he believes all things can spin. He is strong and held his head up right out of the womb. Anthony by anyone's standards is a good boy. He doesn't fuss or cry. He gives me 15 min warnings with little whines if he is hungry or tired, other than that he doesn't cry. Even when he head butts me. It hurts me bad, and I can only imagine it hurts him too... but no tears, not even a whimper. The most notable thing about our little Tony is how happy he is. Happy happy baby. The first time he gave a responsive smile was at 3.5 weeks and ever since then he hasn't stopped. I love that gummy smile! He kicks with excitement in his crib when he wakes up and smiles all day long. I now know what it means to say that someone is your pride and joy, because he is mine.

We named him Anthony Xavier. Anthony means praiseworthy and flourishing. Two things we want him to be, and so far he is. Xavier means bright and splendid... also two things we want him to be, and so far he is. It also means 'new house' and that is something that all throughout our pregnancy we were looking for and searching. We wanted that to be in some sense a prophecy of things to come... ha! IT WAS!

We bought a home two months after his arrival. The most precious and perfect house for us. God saved the best for us, seriously. He definitely knows our needs better than we do. It is this cute 3 bedroom 2 bath home, near my parents and there's a creek and green belt across the street. We are close to a park and we have our own courtyard, on top of a front yard. It's ideal and even though we have stuff to work on in the house, we are so excited to make this house our own! Praise God for his provision and blessing in our life.

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