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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Art of Photoshop?

Sometimes the art of photography gets lost in the mess of technology. Ansel Adams was a pioneer of black & white photography; he not only had a talented eye, but he had a gift for catching moments so clearly and uniquely... as the public had never seen before. He developed the film beautifully and usually his black & white ratio was the perfect choice of complimentary color, making the whites even brighter, and the darker colors like blues and greens transferr to a dark gray.

Ansel Adams - Mckinley

People today so easily use 'apps', Picasa, Photoshop, PicNic to edit their photos. They rely on cropping to get the proper framing, or soft focus to slightly brighten and soften the photo. What happened to framing the picture correctly through the lens? Oh, that requires an eye for detail. How about using natural light? Oh, but that requires an understanding of light. These are things that are important when considering the raw form of photography. It is the Artist at work.

Not that I don't believe Photoshop and the kind are great tools that can add to an already beautiful photo. These editing programs are full of purpose, and have done a lot for advertising (good and bad) and for artists. It allows some people to more easily understand what can be improved on in the photograph/their photography. However, in my opinion, art should not be reliant on any other medium or object or thing to make the final product, art is raw and real and true.

Editing programs is to photography as 'Painting By Numbers' is to painting. Sometimes. :)

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