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Sunday, November 30, 2008


A total must see. Now if you know me, you know what a big Moulin Rouge fan I am... when I saw MR it topped my love for Romeo & Juliet (by Baz Luhrmann of course) and I loved Strictly Ballroom. However Australia trumps even Moulin... BELIEVE IT! I loved it and recommend it. Baz keeps making better and better movies and I can't wait for what he'll direct next!!!

The funny and really great thing is... Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor, or better yet- If I would have to say who my actor crush is, it would be Hugh Jackman. Maybe he reminds me a bit (or a lot) of Nathanael, but I think he is fantastic. On top of that he's in this new (and totally brilliant) Baz movie... so maybe that's a small little part why I thought the movie was great. However, bias aside- Jackman did a great job in the movie, for sure! Nathanael agrees! Not about Hugh Jackman being his actor crush too, but that Jackman did a great job in the movie... and that he too loved the movie! Ha!

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