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Friday, January 16, 2009

Northern Coast Trip

So we finally went to Santa Cruz yesterday and I was so happy for it!!
We didn't end up going earlier this month but waiting was worth it.
We dressed warm, not too warm since the Valley was getting sunny days and low 80 degree weather, but the coast is always a bit cooler so we dressed for the 60's and brought gloves and scarves just in case.

However, it was MUCH hotter in Santa Cruz than we anticipated... it was probably 80 or 81 degrees and everyone was out and about laying out, playing volleyball, guys were riding their bikes shirtless... everyone was in flip flops. I felt so 'east coaster' in my ankle boots, gray cords and black top. Well, there's a first time for everything!
We went up to Natural Bridges and worked our way down the Santa Cruz coast passing the Lighthouse and to the Boardwalk. We then drove around the city, and finally went to downtown. We ate at our favorite place, El Palomar and walked around, checking out shops and galleries.

We left and took PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy aka. the 1) up through San Francisco. We stopped in Davenport to watch the sunset and it was really awesome because we walked down this hill, crossed over some railroad tracks, trekked up a hill (which we actually cliff) and came to the most beautiful ocean view, ever - almost. We saw all these private beaches and what looked like the left overs from an old boardwalk or something. We layed out our blanket and just sat there. These cliffs and hills were covered with these little white flowers, I'm not sure what they're called but it smelled so beautifully and the area was rich in the aroma.

Then we drove up through San Francisco crossing over the Golden Gate and stopping at a well kept secret out look. AGAIN, we thought it was going to be so cold up there but it wasn't... it was so so very very nice!!! And it was so CLEAR! I have never seen the Gate look so clear and the city as well!
It was such a perfect day, and it was spent with the most perfect person!

Santa Cruz



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