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Monday, February 2, 2009

So sick and so HAPPY

I have been sick for over a week now. It started with a sore throat and just feeling bad and now its an awful cough (that keeps me awake at night) and I am always tired. So, because I haven't been really sleeping my mom offers me a tylenol with some codeine, yes the narcotic. However, this didn't knock me out, it made me incredibly sleepy, but I still coughed every three seconds. The last time I saw the clock was at 4:40ish and from there I drooled in my sleep and had very very vivid dreams.The main dream was the I had a baby boy and he was so precious, and he had blue eyes... lighter than my own in fact and he was new born size the whole dream. It was so realistic, that I missed him all day today. I think that is SO weird! Especially because I dreamt that it was a baby BOY and that it looked different than I did when I was little, and also because he remained a new born the whole dream. Generally, in my dreams if I have a kid or whatever, the baby looks just like I did and it's usually a girl that ranges in age through the whole dream but is never itty bitty infant.

We went to Carmel last week, Thursday and Friday and we caught amazing weather days! The weather here in San Joauqin Valley has been great since Christmas... 70's clear skies, we had three days of rain two weeks ago but before that and since then really really warm and ideal. But the coast isn't always as predicatable and not always so clear... but it really was!!! We had the clearest two days, it was so warm and pleasant! We even hiked Lobos for FOUR hours! We almost conquered the whole reserve! When we went to Monterey for our honeymoon (Monterey/Carmel was the last stop on our honeymoon) it was so cloudy, foggy and cold... the last time we went to Lobos in June I had to wear jeans and sweater and I was still cold. This time around in January I was wearing shorts and t-shirt with a sweater and had to wrap the zip-up sweater around my waist. We loved it, we were tempted to book another night, but we're not rolling in the dough just yet!

Also, Nathanael got a job (Praise GOD!), and not just any job- A GREAT job!! We feel so happy and blessed... that's why we went to Carmel, to celebrate!

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