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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blue Hue

I have really been getting into interior design and having been doing so, I've come across the most darling things!

These are both photos taken of Ivanka Trump's apartment! I love the blue theme throughout the whole house and the clean-ness of it! And I adore those lighted lamps! If this was my place I would def. change that bed cover to a textured white covering and remove that hairy pillow. i'd probably replace that headboard with a cushioned robin-eggs blue one and add some glassware and mirror wear to the side tables- and those nightstands wouldn't be cherry, they'd be espresso!

I absolutely love the hanging candelabra! I do weekly searches for colorful lighting pieces- so I loved finding this pictured. I would change the table to something more sleek in line and would have different chairs, with either different blue shaded cushions or just have the whole chair in different colors. I really like those vases in the back and the lighting of the room. I might have tinted this room in a light aqua or even and very pale olive. I think the wall art theme through the two rooms is precious but I am no Ivanka Trump and couldn't afford that. I'd just probably make my own. Make my own art that is!

I might be posting more finds.


Lygia said...

the lamp blue looks like martha stuart blue to me... i dont know colors though so i hope thats not a bad thing.

Gabrielle said...

what is martha stewart blue! haha, you are so cute for saying that!