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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fancy Sugar Pants (Corduroys)

I found the perfect pair of pants! They are by J.Crew and I am in love with Stretch vintage matchstick cord. Last year I bought two pairs of the stretch vintage bootcut cord, and they were comfortable, but no where near as versatile as the matchstick! I wear them with my light tan boots, and under my black boots, and Uggs (no not the typical Uggs, I have lace ups that are quite sweet) and with my flats, and even with converse! My favorite is rolling them up a little and wearing them with my strappy oxfords... so beautiful!

I hate wearing jeans, or really anything other than juicy pants or sweats while traveling, but I actually wore these cords on an eight hour car ride back home from San Diego, all while being sick. That's how comfy they are!
J.Crew is always generous to those us who need more length in the leg, so if you are tall, don't fear to order them in size Tall.

When I first ordered the matchstick, I ordered the green pair... but they sold out so quickly! So then I got the deep indigo, and I'm really so glad I did, they are a beautiful color and goes with everything! Green could have been tricky when it came to the browns. The bootcut come in a really beautiful aubergine color, that I wish the matchstick came in, but alas!

So I guess another pair of these are on my wish list, they are on sale too!

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