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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"All the ducks are swimming in the water..."

One finned Koi at Balboa

We're back home and I have a cold! This always happens... the around-Christmas-time-cold never fails! However we are so glad we took the trip down! I love La Jolla because you can walk everywhere, and because while you walk you see such beautiful things, cute houses, wild flowers, the ocean, and... BANANAS!

Bananas on Pearl Street

This time we visited a whole bunch of new places that we didn't make it to last time. Including: Balboa Park, Windansea Beach, Del Mar and Mount Soledad. We met up with Eunice and Andrew, as well as Jeremy and Laura and Diana too... fun!

Balboa Park
Del Mar

Windansea Beach

Dana Point, Eunice & Andrew

RJ's Cafe, Diana
The Cottage, Jeremy & Laura

One day around noon, Emma and I decided to go walking around The Cove and then go shopping, so she could take advantage of my retail employee discount. While shopping, we stopped into a Borders & Books and got some hot drinks. I ordered a small Cocoa Trio and boy did I regret it!!!! I should have went with the large!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I make a mean cup of Cocoa but this was really top shelf. They topped off my cocoa with whip cream, shaved white chocolate, a stick (about the size of a KitKat) of Belgium chocolate and then added some fudge syrup! I mixed it all up and it was gorgeous! I have been hooked since. Give it a try.
I am enjoying some as I type.

Minus the Belgium bar of chocolate

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